Frequently asked questions and answers relating to FPGAs/WebPACK/Starter kits.

Q: HELP! My Spartan starter kit won't do anything at power up.

The chances are you've programmed the CPLD by mistake. The Startkit uses a CPLD to route signals around the board, including the boot prom.
Program this file into your CPLD and you should be fine.

Q: What Type of connector type should be used for the S3E-SK 6 pin connectors?

They look like standard 0.1" spaced, single in line headers. They're not keyd which is both a blessing and a curse (you need to be carefull to make sure you get them the correct way round).

Q: Whats the '-4' and '-5' speed grade?

These are used not only in simulation but also in the 'real world' as they represent the maximum frequency the device can run at. -4 is faster than -5.
Note: the '-' is pronounced 'dash' rather than 'minus'. The S3E-SK comes with a '-4' grade part.
Addendum: Apparantly this is true for the older parts. The new parts now use the reverse, ie -5 is faster than -4.