Evaluation boards and Starter kits

We'll try to give an outline and some information about various startkits that people on our mailing list have used.

Spartan 3E

Xilinx Spartan 3E (500K gate device), 50Mhz on board clock, 128Mbit flash, 16Mbit SPI flash, 64Mbyte DDR SDRAM, 4 channel 12 bit DAC and dual channel 14bit ADC.
Ethernet port, USB (for JTAG/programmer), two RS232 connectors, PS2, VGA, HiRose, ADC in, DAC out.


Xilinx SpartanII (200K gate device), on board clock gen going upto 120Mhz.
VGA connector, PS2 connector, 4 buttons and 8 LEDs. All spare IO is available on IDC connectors.