FES 2 board

This little board has a Xilinx Spartan II 200,000 Gate FPGA, It will run at various frequencies upto 120Mhz useing the on board clock generator. It also has a VGA connector, PS2 Mouse connector and 8 LEDs for users to play with. But its not limited to those, like all good evaluation boards, it also has all the other IO pins, and some power/Ground, pins brought out to PINS (IDC style) for people to use. It will take a Xilinx serial eeprom or a JTAG cable input.

Jan Pech Has also done a user guide for it and let me have the complete set of gerbers. This means you can make your own fes2 board. I have also created a .GWK file for use with PCB pool so you can order them as a one off with very little expense. There is a user guide and full schematics, even some example code to test the VGA/PS2 and LEDs with.

So, what do I think of it?

In short superb!. After receiving my board I assembled it, as Im lucky enough to have access to some surface mount soldering tools, and built myself the jtag cable. It was then I hit a problem, I couldn't program it! After some investigation and borrowing JTAG cables from work, I found that my programmer cable was not working. I dropped Jan and email and he came back with a suggestion (JTAG cable should be less than 20cm) I shortened the cable and bingo it worked!
For my money, what little I have, this is a superb board, its cheap and has ALL the I/O available. Jan is currently developing a plug in expansion board that gives you SRAM, DAC/ADC and some other bits to play with, You can find out more from his website. Well done Jan, a superb piece of work!


Here are the files you'll need to build your own fes2, and some examples.

PCB Pool GWK file (192Kb)
feS2 Gerber files (103Kb)
feS2 Schematics (PDF) (66Kb)
feS2 JTAG cable schematics (PDF) (38Kb)
feS2 User Guide (PDF) (933Kb)
Running LEDs example (114Kb)
PS2 Keyboard test (109Kb)
VGA color bars (121Kb)