Paul Maddox

What to say about myself?

Ok, I'm a keen synth builder and I love music, I live in Hereford, England. I play bass guitar in my spare time and I also build websites for people (VaocoLoco). I've built a few synths in my time, the most notorious of which was the MonoWave I also help organise the meetings.

About 4 years ago (2002) I setup this webpage and tried to get people interested in the concept of using FPGAs for synthesiser design. Alas, I failed, possibly due to the complexity of the software and lack of information about FPGAs and their use.

Recently on the SynthDIY mailing list there was a flurry of activity about FPGAs because Xilinx have released a starter kit Spartan 3E Starter Kit which seems to have everything a Synth builder could want to begin dabbling with FPGAs as audio engines.
This gave rise to a surge of people buying this kit and joining the mail-list, so the pages were revamped and I added this wiki.

As time marches on, I'd like to see more modules, code examples and tutorials in this wiki, and also more people adding to it's content.